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Home Page Janitorial work is considered to be the starting point for Going Green in any business. Sanitation/cleaning is a universal and basic need that forms the foundation for other environmental issues.

As a Janitorial company, we focused in the building maintenance factors such as;

  • cleaning products 
  • Cleaning equipment 
  • Ergonomics 
  • Waste Water Disposal 
  • Indoor Air Quality 
  • Sick Building Syndrome 
  • Paper Products 
  •  Recycling
  •  Floor Finishing
  • Spills
  • Post-Infection sanitizing
  • Floor care - Slip and Fall issues
  • Commercial cleaning issues

We are  the professional of this industry, we are Green Clean Institute graduates and  Green Clean Institute Certified (GCIC), we operate an effective Green Clean service, and to help buildings earn their Green Clean Status through GCI Building Certification training.

Right now, Green cleaning program is only one step forward into the overall janitorial business practices. In five years, it will represent the major share of all cleaning business.

Greening your business is very easy and affordable by buying Green Products, use Green Equipments, and hiring Green Cleaning Services, we provide you the path into a full application of Green Health issues and sustainable practices in reducing waste, energy and water use.



Ten Tips to Protect Children from Pesticide and Lead Poisonings around the Home - These simple steps can help you save children from environmental hazards around the home. en español

Pesticides and Child Safety - General guidelines for protecting children from pesticides and recommendations for treating accidental pesticide poisoning.

Protect Your Family and Yourself from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning - Knowing the symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning and immediate first aid techniques provided in this document can save your life and the life of your family.

Using Insect Repellents Safely - Suggests ways of choosing insect repellents and applying them.

Protecting the Environment: Children's 

Information on how to protect children from toxins, the sun, lead, and other potential environmental health threats. Find out about the Office of Children's Health Protection and read their usefulTips to Protect Children from Environmental Threats

·      The Air They Breathe

·      The Water They Drink

·      Toxins/Poisons

·      From the Sun

·      At School

The Air They Breathe

Prevent air pollution and protect your health - Millions of Americans live in areas where air pollution poses serious health threats. The air you breathe is important. Besides helping to prevent pollution here are some things you can do to directly protect you and your family's health.

An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality - Get an overview of pollutants, resources, and sources of pollution in homes and schools from The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality in Schools - Because children are especially susceptible to air pollution, air quality in schools is of particular concern. Proper maintenance of indoor air is more than a "quality" issue; it includes safety and good management of our investment in the students, staff, and facilities. Find publications, "Tools for Schools" action kits and answers to frequently asked questions.

Asbestos - This document discusses what asbestos is and the health affects of exposure.

Asthma - Learn more about factors found in the indoor and outdoor environment that can cause, trigger, or exacerbate asthma symptoms and what you can do to reduce their impact.

Clear Your Home Of Asthma Triggers - Information about five common asthma triggers found in homes and what you can do to reduce you and your child's exposure to them.

Secondhand Smoke - This site discusses the health risks to children and adults from secondhand smoke with particular regard to immediate and longer term health effects.

Lead - This site discusses the ways in which people are exposed to lead and precautions they can take to reduce the risk of exposure.

Asthma Home Environment Checklist (PDF) - (8 pp, 259K, About PDF) To help incorporate environmental controls into home visit programs, EPA developed an Asthma Home Environment Checklist. This checklist contains questions and action steps to assist in the identification and mitigation of environmental asthma triggers commonly found in and around the home.

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The Water They Drink

Actions You Can Take to Reduce Lead in Your Drinking Water - This publication offers information and solutions to many common questions about how you can reduce lead in your drinking water.

Children and Drinking Water Standards - Should you be concerned about the tap water that your children are drinking? This booklet (EPA 815-K-99-001) explains how national standards contribute to drinking water safety, and will help you make informed, reasonable choices about the water you and your children drink.

From the Sun

Sun Protection for Kids - This document discusses precautions that can help you assist children to avoid ultraviolet (UV)-related health problems.

Ultraviolet Index : An Overview - Do you know that a few simple precautions can help protect you and your children from skin cancer and serious eye injury?

Sunwise Program - This program provides materials to help teachers educate students in K-6 about protecting themselves from overexposure to the sun's ultraviolet radiation.



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